Warnings To Look For When Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

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Seeking an immigration lawyer often means you’re stressed and anxious about your current situation. Worrying about potential separation from your family can lead to sleepless nights.

This urgency may lead some to hastily choose a lawyer without thorough vetting. While there are many competent immigration lawyers available, there are also many who may not meet your needs. Opting for an unsuitable immigration lawyer could negatively impact your case and have lasting effects on your life.

When selecting an immigration lawyer, make certain that you don’t fall for any of these deceptive strategies. An excellent immigration lawyer will not promise results or be too eager to for you to hire them. Here’s what you should look out for.

5 Warnings To Look For When Working With an Immigration Lawyer

5 Warnings To Look For When Working With an Immigration Lawyer(1) Too Salesy

Lawyers should always fully understand your situation before accepting your case. So if they take your case from a short phone call, they’re not the attorney for you.

If they sound like a salesperson making guarantees of permanent residency, do not hire them.

In addition, if the attorney provides a cost estimate over the phone without fully grasping the details of your case, it’s probable that the estimate will be inaccurate. Over time, the attorney might have to ask for additional funds, leading to frustration and a breakdown in trust between you, or they might have to compromise on the quality of case preparation due to insufficient funds.

(2) Guarantees Success

Many times, the first thing people ask a lawyer is, “What are the changes of my case’s success?”

Individuals seek the guidance of lawyers when they are in a state of uncertainty, unfamiliar with immigration law, and are determined to avoid unfavorable outcomes. Lawyers serve as trusted advisors, offering insights and information about your case after a thorough evaluation of your situation.

But, if they are making guarantees about the result of your case, such as, “I can get you permanent residency,” they are lying and should not be trusted. A lawyer cannot guarantee a result. Several factors contribute to the success of your case, many outside of a lawyer’s control. A lawyer can only pledge to provide dedication and quality work to you and your case.

(3) False Asylum Cases

Under U.S. immigration law, securing a green card or long-term residency typically requires established connections to the United States, such as a close family member or, in some instances, an employer willing to sponsor a work visa.

If you lack a sponsor in the U.S. and your lawyer claims it’s not a problem to obtain a green card, be wary. Such assertions may be misleading, and it might be prudent to seek a different legal advisor. There’s a high likelihood that the lawyer could file a baseless asylum claim on your behalf. While this might grant you a temporary work permit, it often leads to deportation proceedings in the long run.

In order to apply for asylum, you must have a legitimate fear of persecution in your home country due to your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or inclusion in a particular social group.

(4) Difficult to Contact

If you’ve hired an attorney you trust to handle your case, you must be able to reach and communicate with them regularly and easily. Being shuffled between different attorneys and paralegals is a major red flag. It could signal that the law firm is disorganized, in disarray, or experiencing high staff turnover, all worrisome signs.

Additionally, if it’s challenging to get a response from your lawyer via email or phone within a reasonable period, or if they’re perpetually busy or unavailable, consider this a serious concern. Accessibility to your lawyer is essential.

(5) Sketchy Money Practices

Something else to watch out for is if the attorney requests cash upfront. Other than for an initial consultation charge, an attorney should never request payment first.

An excellent lawyer will create a strategy for your case, and you can accept their proposal before you pay. Be cautious of any attorney that asks for money from the start. You should also be able to be refunded by the attorney for any work that was not completed. If the attorney says they cannot pay you back, this is a warning.

Do You Need a Reliable Immigration Lawyer?

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It’s normal to feel stressed during an immigration case, and hiring a lawyer should ease the burden. However, it is essential that you make the effort to talk to a number of immigration lawyers to find the ideal one for your case.

Nanthaveth & Associates is always here to help you. Our expert team concentrates on immigration law and can assist you with any concerns relating to the United States immigration system.

We’ve successfully handled thousands of cases and will always be upfront with you about your case. If you have any questions or are ready to meet our team, schedule a free consultation.