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Whether you have come to the United States to unite with family, flee persecution, compete in a sport or further your career, Immigration Attorney Vi Nanthaveth can help you achieve your goals. As a young child, Ms. Nanthaveth first entered the United States as a refugee from Laos. She has personally experienced the complications of the immigration process. Like other immigrants, she and her family came to the U.S. to seek a better life and better opportunities.

Ms. Nanthaveth graduated from Louisiana State University in 1999 with a BA in Mass Communications. She then received her Master’s degree in Photojournalism in 2000 from Southern University. After working as a news anchor and reporter for a WB affiliate, the Louisiana Secretary of State, Fox McKeithen, hired Ms. Nanthaveth as a Public Relations Specialist. In 2003, Ms. Nanthaveth returned to Southern University where she received her J.D. degree. Prior to forming Nanthaveth & Associates, PLLC, Ms. Nanthaveth was an associate attorney at two other law firms in Austin, Texas and she was a managing partner at Bus & Nanthaveth, PLLC.

Vi Nanthaveth - Owner and Founder | Nanthaveth & Associates Immigration Law Firm | Austin, TXMs. Nanthaveth has built her practice on the foundations of:

  • Advanced expertise in the field of immigration
  • Compassion for her clients
  • Thorough preparation
  • Creative strategies for challenging issues
  • Willingness to help people with difficult and challenging cases
  • An ethical and responsible practice

Ms. Nanthaveth is an experienced attorney, who practices exclusively in the area of Immigration and Naturalization law, with a special emphasis on Marriage/Family-Based Green Cards, Waivers, Removal Proceedings, Consular Processing, Fiance Visas, Work Visas, Employment-Based Green Cards, and U.S. Citizenship. In order to minimize any potential stress, and to prevent unforeseen legal problems, all options, issues and procedures will be discussed up front at your initial consultation with Ms. Nanthaveth. Her law office achieves a very high success rate on behalf of clients, and all aspects of each case are handled directly by Ms. Nanthaveth.

Ms. Nanthaveth has a proven track record of developing creative and effective solutions to complex immigration situations, even when other attorneys have told clients there were no options. Her personalized service, careful, comprehensive analysis, and attention to detail are what set her apart from other law firms and solo practitioners. For this reason, Immigration Attorney Vi Nanthaveth has clients across the United States and internationally. She is also fluent in both Lao and Thai languages.

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From Refugee to Advocate: The Inspiring Journey of Vi Nanthaveth

Nanthaveth & Associates

In a bustling office in Austin, Texas, attorney Vi Nanthaveth is engrossed in conversation with a client. Her words are measured, her tone comforting yet firm, reflecting the gravity and sensitivity of her work. As the owner and managing attorney of Nanthaveth & Associates, she is a powerhouse in the immigration law landscape, but her journey to this point is as compelling as the cases she champions.

Nanthaveth's passion for immigration law is deeply personal. "I don't really talk about this all that much, but I myself am a refugee," she confesses.

Her personal narrative intertwines with her professional path, fueling her relentless dedication to her clients' cases. Nanthaveth's work is not just about interpreting and applying the law but also about navigating the human stories behind each immigration case.

She understands, perhaps more than anyone, the dreams and fears that come with the journey to a new country. Each client she serves is a reflection of her own story, a testament to the enduring spirit of those seeking a better life.

Nanthaveth's past experiences and the gratitude towards her adopted homeland fuel her drive to give back, to make a difference. "This is better than…any lottery ticket that we could have won," she says, reflecting on her family's journey to America. "And so, you come here, and you make the best of it."

Her team at Nanthaveth & Associates shares this passion. "Every single one of them has some connection to immigration," she reveals. This common thread, she believes, is crucial in serving their clients effectively. It's not just about legal expertise; it's about understanding the emotional turmoil, the uncertainty, and the hope that each case embodies.

Nanthaveth's journey and dedication to immigration law have not only made her a trusted advocate for her clients, but also a respected voice in the broader conversation on immigration. Her expertise has been sought out in various platforms, including podcasts where she shares her insights into the complex world of immigration law.

Vi Nanthaveth's story is a testament to resilience, gratitude, and the power of empathy. Her journey from a young refugee to an influential immigration attorney underscores the potential that lies within each immigrant's narrative. And through her work, she ensures these narratives are heard, respected, and championed, one case at a time.

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