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Green Card Attorney - Nanthaveth & Associates

When a U.S. citizen or permanent resident marries a foreign national, his or her spouse becomes eligible for a green card. There are conditions attached to the green card. Request a free consultation to learn more.

k-1 Visas - Nanthaveth & Associates

If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can bring your foreign fiancé to the U.S. on a K-1 Visa so that you two can get married. For many people, it makes sense to work with an immigration attorney who understands these processes and how to best deal with them.

K-3 Visas - Nanthaveth & Associates

If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can use a K-3 visa to bring your spouse to the U.S. while waiting for approval on a Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. You must be married and your spouse must want to enter the United States to wait for U.S. Customs and Immigration Services to make a decision on the Form I-130.

K-4 Visas - Nanthaveth & Associates

Your spouse’s children, if they are unmarried and under the age of 21, may be eligible to come to the U.S. while waiting for USCIS’s decision on their parent’s Form I-130. You don’t need to file a separate Form I-129F for your spouse’s children – your attorney will list them on the original form for your spouse.

Have Questions? We Can Answer Them.

Have questions about your case? Book your free consultation and we'll answer them.

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At the Nanthaveth & Associates, PLLC, we will act as your guide through the complex U.S. immigration system. We offer comprehensive legal services for employers, as well as for individuals. An attorney from our firm can advise you on matters such as business immigration, labor certification and helping you obtain work visas for your employees, in addition to employment eligibility verification and any other issues which may pose a barrier to the operations of your company. We can help you apply for a family visa, fiancé visa or immigration visa, as well as guide you through the process of obtaining a green card for lawful permanent resident status.

When your right to live and work in this country is at stake, you should not take any chances by representing yourself with immigration officials. Let an immigration attorney from our law office guide you through the process and fight to defend you. Your concern is our concern and we offer honest, straightforward advice and will help you find the solution that best meets your needs.

Our offices are located centrally in Austin, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but we can work with clients throughout the U.S. and across the globe. We offer bilingual services in Spanish, Laotian and Thai, with translation in other languages available upon request.

About Us

Nanthaveth and Associates is the preferred immigration law firm of the Austin area. Our experienced attorneys provide free consultations and personalized legal advice in various areas of immigration law. We focus in Family Based Immigration, Business Immigration, Deportation, and Immigration appeals. These areas include provisional waivers, political asylum, student visas, naturalization, consular visa processing, VAWA, DACA, and U-visa applications, among others.


Our clients place their trust in us and we work hard to make sure that we’re deserving of that trust. Honesty and high ethical standards are at the core of all that we do.


We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients and to pursuing all available options until a solution is found. It begins with fully understanding your unique situation and your immediate and long-term goals. We will first offer you a thorough initial consultation, where we set forth options and let you know time frames and the total cost involved. We will then pursue the best available option until you are satisfied with the outcome.

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I found myself in need of hiring an immigration lawyer to help assess my case. Good thing I found Vi. She is very professional and at the same time I got a personal service. She was calm, patient and extremely attentive and responsive all the time. My wife and I bombarded her with questions and she always remained professional and took great care to ensure that my queries were answered. Whether it was through a quick email or a phone call, Vi was always available and prompt whenever I needed her. She was there to answer all my legal questions, or just to assure me that things were in order. And the other thing that we really appreciated was her payment plan, especially in this economy that was definitely a big help. She took care of everything and made all the process fairly easy and painless. I got my documents in less time that I had expected, less than 4 months. I really recommend her as an Immigration attorney.

— Jesus P. (Austin, TX)

I am very happy with the service I received from Vi Nanthaveth's Law Firm. She helped my wife and I with an immigration case. She is very responsive.  I never had to wait long to get any questions regarding our case answered, whether via email or phone. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I never really worried about our case because we knew it was in good hands. The preparation for our case was very professional and very complete. Anything that could come up that might delay our case was already taken care of in our file. I will definitely be recommending Vi's Law Firm to anyone that might have questions regarding immigration cases.

— Abe C. (Austin, TX)

I am currently working on an immigration case, and contacting Vi Nanthaveth was a good move! Whether or not she can help you with your case, I can guarantee that she will give her maximum effort to try and help you. Unlike other lawyers I have talked to, she actually has a "soul". She is not cold hearted or robotic. I can tell that she’s not one of those types who are just "in it for the money". She kept me posted the whole time and really displayed a genuine concern for me and my wife. If you want a caring "human" to try and help you, instead of a mechanical, power hungry, corporate "shark"....then you should pick Vi Nanthaveth.
—Randy S. (Nashville, TN)

Vi is one fantastic attorney. Always thorough and knowledgeable in immigration law. I have worked with her for many years and trust her completely. I highly recommend her for any immigration challenge you may have. I wish her continued success for many years to come.

—Barbara K. (New Port Richey, FL)

Have Questions? We Can Answer Them.

Have questions about your case? Book your free consultation and we'll answer them.